Basic form


I’m kind of Charley Harper obsessed. Do you know him? He was a conservationist/artist depicting nature and animals in their most geometric form, both in sketch and paint. Texture, color, shape and pattern were all integrated into what I like to call a neat, little package- his drawings were complex visual candy cleanly presented in basic, geometric form. “Wildlife art has been dominated by realism, but I have chosen to do it differently because I think flat, hard-edge and simple.”- Charley Harper

For as long as I can remember, geometry has intrigued me. The clean lines of geometric shapes is pleasing to my soul. Lines, circles, triangles, rectangles and squares are neat and tidy; there is an order that feels comfortable to me. There is a flow of sorts when geometry works together to create a scene.



(written on January 5, but a pressing goal kept me from finishing)

I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions. I do, however, believe that goals, wether loose or firm, keep me moving forward. I’d rather have a goal I didn’t actually reach in it’s entirety than have not made any and not feel the push to achieve.

write your intentions down.  tell someone your intentions.

There is a crazy phenomenon that happens when you do two things:

End of the Day


At the end of the day and I mean the LAST day, as in the final breathing hours, what do you have? Do you care about your boat, your second house, your bank account, the designer clothes in your closet? I would argue that you care about the people holding your hands as you pass into another realm, whatever your beliefs. You probably care about your impact on your world and others, how you affected those around you, what you said or didn’t say, how your loved ones will be when you are gone.


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