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At the end of the day and I mean the LAST day, as in the final breathing hours, what do you have? Do you care about your boat, your second house, your bank account, the designer clothes in your closet? I would argue that you care about the people holding your hands as you pass into another realm, whatever your beliefs. You probably care about your impact on your world and others, how you affected those around you, what you said or didn’t say, how your loved ones will be when you are gone.

I’m not meaning to bring the somber upon you. Not at all. I’m challenging you to think about who you are today, what you value, what you think it truly important. At the end of the day, what will you be proud of, content with, happy that you did or the kind of person you are?

I’ve had a few poignant conversations in the first month of this year. The conversations evolved and weren’t intentional. They opened my eyes enough to pull out my computer and sit down to tell you about them.

I’ve been told in my lifetime that I have a skill of connecting with others, of really listening, of caring, of collaboration. I give everyone full respect and attention. That’s not to say that someone can lose my respect, but you certainly are going to get my full attention at the onset. I seek out positive, kind, happy people.

I teach my kids to uphold these same characteristics. In business, I seek out people with these attributes. In my personal life, I find friends with similar values.

You may wonder why this subject is relevant on a blog about interior design. I would answer that  without collaboration, listening, understanding it would not be very fun to do the job of creating a pleasant space together. Energy is created in anything we do. We can have fun, be happy, respect each other and in turn LOVE what we create together.


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