Why hire an interior designer?

Interior designers can help at any stage of life in your home. You may have just moved in and need initial ideas. You may feel overwhelmed with an empty home you know needs work but don’t know where to start. You may not know how to position your furniture. You may have lived in your home for years and need a facelift- a re-working of space you’ve looked at for years.

An interior designer can visualize the end product and lead you to that. A designer can see both the big picture and the tiny details that bring the design together to create a space and a feel.

An interior designer can also help you when you get stuck. You may have started to design yourself but feel that something is “off” in your space and cannot figure out what the problem is. A good designer can instantly help you find the problem and come up with a solution. A designer has the experience to enter a space with a fresh eye and creatively offer alternatives.

What “style” do you specialize in?

Each space has its own taste and feel. I acknowledge the style of the home while bringing a modern vibe. I love texture, form, color, and clean lines and incorporate these elements into every space that I design.

Do you offer free consultations?

You will most likely get what you pay for. Free service may not be a comprehensive assessment of your needs. An hour consultation allows me to interview you about your design needs, tastes and lifestyle, make suggestions about your current environment, and offer some design suggestions. You will get something out of the consultation- ideas that may lead you to take the next step.

Do you come up with the design, or am I part of the creation?

I consider design a collaborative process. I want to hear what energizes you, what elements in a home feel good to you, what colors and textures feel right. Before I do anything, I listen. I’m here to help you develop and execute your vision by offering my experience in design.

Isn’t it expensive to work with a designer?

We spend most of our time in our homes- investing in making it a comfortable place for YOU is important. Designing doesn’t have to be expensive. I pride myself on creating the feel you want for your home on a budget. I look for alternatives to ‘the look’ that you want. I can help you with as much or as little as you’d like.

How do your services work?

During the initial consultation, we will decide exactly what services need to be provided for your project. Once we have decided what services you need, and your overall budget, you will receive a Client Agreement. After this form is signed and returned to me, we can get started!

Do you hire subcontractors?

I have my favorite professionals to work with AND I like to meet new people that you may know and like. I can assist in project management, or simply help you with the design.