I’m affected today by an event that happened yesterday. Another great icon- gone. Another artist.

The fashion world won’t be the same- ever.

Bill Cunningham.

It’s been a rough string of losses in my near memory: Robin Williams, David Bowie and Prince. I was teary over all three and deeply, deeply affected by the pain of Robin’s death and the loss of one of my all-time favorite artists in Prince. These three were truly unique individuals, never to be recreated in any way. The world lost some soul when these individuals moved on.

Bill may not be known to you. He was a guy who lived in a teeny apartment in NYC, one stacked high, wall-t0-wall, with filing cabinets. Barely enough room for a bed, a bicycle and his camera. That is about the extent of his possessions. A man with very few material assets, but a man with an abundance of experiences and talent. A truly wealthy man. And I’m not talking about money. A man who got on his bike with his camera every single day and captured the fashion world through his lens. A drive to find high fashion in the ordinary, on the streets, on the people like you and me. A knack for discovery, for observation, for detail.

Bill has influenced me. His artistry of observation of the style-filled pedestrian world around him every day is one that respect. Style isn’t only about spending several thousand dollars on a dress designed by Christian Dior. It isn’t about following the masses and the trends. For me, it’s about expressing yourself in whatever way moves you. It’s about having intention.

The world lost some more soul yesterday.

Embrace your own style. Add to the soul of the world.

Read Bill Cunningham’s Obituary


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