(written on January 5, but a pressing goal kept me from finishing)

I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions. I do, however, believe that goals, wether loose or firm, keep me moving forward. I’d rather have a goal I didn’t actually reach in it’s entirety than have not made any and not feel the push to achieve.

write your intentions down.  tell someone your intentions.

There is a crazy phenomenon that happens when you do two things:

  1. write your intentions down.
  2. tell someone (or many people) your intentions.

It is by doing these two things that you tell the universe you are about to accomplish something AND that you have to hold yourself accountable. There is a good chance someone may ask you how your intention is going and then what do you say if you’ve done nothing? Scary.

My husband and I were presented with a challenge a few months ago. We were asked by a magazine, Atomic Ranch, to have our house photographed for publication. After the initial excitement, the panic set in. You’ve got to be kidding- that ugly porch has got to go! That front door is not the style we would be proud of. We’ve always wanted picture windows on the front of our house. We really hate those white appliances. You get the picture. Nothing like a deadline. January 26. I’m proud to say that we worked through the above mentioned items, and then some. When the magazine said, “let’s set a date for January” we sat down to write our task list. It was long and daunting, but it was a clearly defined goal.

The current state of our house is one that I’m happy to have presented in a magazine.

find a way to make it happen.  you will.

It simply took chipping away at our tasks and working hard. I’m confident that without the goal of ‘completed house by January 26 we would still be living in a house with an ugly porch, a front door that was so-so, no picture windows to bring in the beautiful light from outside, and no shiny stainless appliances to smile about. We would still be dreaming about what we wanted our house to look like ‘some day’. Instead, that day is here — TODAY.

How does this apply to you? Start small. Choose one thing you want to do this year. Write it down. Tell someone. Find a way to make it happen. You will.


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