Interior Design


When I come to your home or business for a design consultation these are the things we will do:

  • brainstorm design solutions- offer initial ideas
  • chat about design preferences and what works for the house
  • discuss: rooms involved, budget and expectations

After the consultation, I will put together a proposal outlining the scope of the project, including an estimate of design and service costs. 




  • space planning
  • kitchen design
  • bath design
  • renovation
  • color/paint selection (interior/exterior)
  • furniture selection
  • hardware and fixture selection
  • accessory and art selection


project management

  • contractor selection
  • scheduling
  • budget planning
  • purchasing
  • installation (styling/layout)



If you live a bit too far away for me to see you, design services are available virtually. We can communicate via phone, email, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, you name it!


Most of us like to know what’s next or what we can plan on.

I follow a simple process to get us from the current state of your home to one that you are excited about.


1 initial contact

You’ve found me, now we just need to connect. I love to chat on the phone and hear your voice, but with busy lives an email may be more convenient. I want to know your story. What kind of house do you live in? Why are you drawn to my style in particular? The fit is important for both of us, so let’s find out!


 2 consultation

  • -tour your space, discussing needs and wishes
  • -determine style preferences 
  • -brainstorm possible design solutions


3 agreement

After the consultation, we will put together a proposal outlining the scope of the project, including an estimate of design and service costs. An Agreement will be drafted, based on the specifics of your project, and I will ask that you sign off and pay a deposit.


4 measure/photo

Upon signing the Agreement, we will set up a date for me to return to your home to measure the spaces involved and snap ‘before’ photos. Although you need to let me in the door for this step, you do not need to be an active part of this step.  


5 design/price

All me! You sit back and I design. After I’ve come up with a new look and feel for your space(s), I present to you in the form of a mood board the elements included in that space.  If a renovation is involved, a floorpan and rendering will also be drawn. Together we will tweak the design.


6 approval

All items to be purchased for your project will be priced out and presented to you for approval of purchase. You click the boxes and we are on our way. Payment is due prior to orders being placed.


 7 order/schedule service 

All items will be ordered and services scheduled immediately after payment received.


 8 installation 

Most furniture will be delivered directly to your door. Accessories are items I will bring on Installation Day. If renovations are to take place, we will be in constant communication regarding the timeline of the work to take place by contractors. I will manage the general contractor and be your point of contact.


 9 photo shoot  

As the final details fall into place and your space is looking fantastic, it will be time for a photo shoot. Taking photos of your project is an exciting time! This is when we get to see quality images of what your home would look like in a magazine! These images help me build my business and I thank you for this last step. I’m happy to share the images with you!


Elin Walters

principal designer . owner

ann arbor . michigan

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