I’m not one to follow the rules.

In fact, I teach my kids to think in shades of grey (bad R-rated reference) and throw black-and-white thinking out the door. If you are thinking, and thinking wisely, you are off to a better start than simply ‘following the rules’ or coloring in the lines.

Often times, better solutions happen when a ‘mistake’ has been made.

What does this have to do with rugs? It’s a roundabout way of saying, I’m going to introduce some design ‘rules’, but then I’m going to tell you to use your judgement, do what makes you happy. If it works for you it works, if it doesn’t, fall back on the suggestions.

A rug is there to provide comfy under your feet, to make a room feel cozy, to add some texture or interest.

It is also there to BRING IT ALL TOGETHER. These diagrams do just that.


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