Why Orange?

Why orange?

Why is it so many American home interiors are white or beige? Why is it that realtors staging homes choose neutrals colors to ‘be safe’ and appease a broader audience? It drives me crazy! Are we trying to fit in? Are we afraid? Is it because beige is thought to equal calm and feel safe?

Look around you. Nature, the best design of all, is full of color.

Look around you. Nature, the best design of all, is full of color. Beige is no where to be found. We find the sky calming and it’s various shades of blue. We find the sun energizing because it’s bright. Spring feels alive because the brown is turning green. Fall is stunning because of color- reds, oranges, yellows. Why do we so often fall short in our homes? Why do so many people want to walk inside, from the colorful outside, and want to see white and beige?

My theory is that we are reluctant to feel. Adding color to your space can foster specific feelings. But how about choosing specific colors in different spaces in your home to illicit feelings?

Orange is my favorite color and has been since the age of 3. I asked Santa Claus for an orange washcloth in my stocking.

Over the years I’ve made the connection with orange and my personality. Orange is warm, uplifting, bright, fun, optimistic, confident, friendly. I’ve been told I embody those words. If you stand in front of my house you will see an orange door, mailbox, bird feeder and planter, pops of color that contrast the shades of grey that paint the brick and wood. Time and time again, our house is noted for it’s dynamic style. The pop of color is attractive.

Embrace color.

Embrace color. Choosing carefully can add depth to your life. Yes, a beige wall can ‘go with everything’ and ‘can feel calm’, but it can also be dull and uninspiring. A life without emotion would be boring. Think about embracing emotions, eliciting emotions and creating emotions with color.

Bring calm to your bedroom with blues: serenity, calm, reflection.

Bring relaxation to your living room with greens: harmony, peace, refreshment.

The possibilities are endless.


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